How to get American Netflix on PS3 in Australia

Can you enjoy Netflix PS3 Australia? Yes. Can you get Netflix on PS4 in Australia? Definitely. But it gets better: this guide will teach you how to get US Netflix in Australia, on your PlayStation device, so you can enjoy all the top-notch content present on the huge Netflix America library. It’s not hard to sign up for Netflix in Australia now, so go ahead and then start following this guide.

Netflix PS3

Get American Netflix
The optimal way to set up your PlayStation to be able to access the American version of Netflix is to configure your router to make it appear as if it was in the US. In this way, your PS console will be able to have automatic access to the US Netflix library. Nowadays, this is done using Smart DNS technology that is much faster and more efficient than VPNs – a PS3 Netflix VPN subscription would be much slower and unintuitive, so we advise against it entirely.

However, you can also use configure on your PS3 and PS4 to work with Netflix US, as opposed to your router:

  • First of all, head on over to Unblock-US’s website to sign up for their account. This is the smart DNS service that will make your location appear to be the US. This is essential, and the good news is that it comes with a free trial so you can test it out before committing.
  • You will also require a fresh PSN account to use with Netflix. It must be an American account, head on over the US PlayStation site and sign up for a new account.
  • After you have created the account, you must add a new user to your PS device – you can’t give a new PSN login to an existing user on your PS, so a new user is necessary. You can name it ‘Netflix’ and log in as this user whenever you wish to watch Netflix.

The 5 Minute How-To Netflix PS3 Guide

Before going any further, be sure to note down your current DNS settings on a piece of paper before updating them Netflix PS3 settings from ExpressVPN. This is vital since a backup will help you go back to your initial settings in case something goes wrong.

Netflix playstation

It is also recommended that you print out this guide in case you encounter an issue that prevents you from accessing our website.

  • Now you must update your PlayStation’s DNS settings with what ExpressVPN has provided:
    • Go to Settings -> Network Settings.Netflix DNS
    • Choose Internet Connection Settings.
    • Choose Yes when a confirmation screen pops up saying that you will get disconnected from the internet.
    • Choose Customer. Leave all other settings until you get to DNS Settings.
    • Choose Manual and fill the DNS fields with the following ExpressVPN provided values:
      Primary DNS: 118.175.56
      Secondary DNS:                      
    • Check your connection to apply the newly entered settings.
    • Restart your PlayStation.
    • You can use the amazing Netflix app for the PlayStation to watch Netflix on the device – it will let you scroll through all the available content in an intuitive manner, and is designed for streamlining the process of picking and enjoying Netflix titles on your PS from the comfort of your lounge.

To get the Netflix app for PS, go to from your console’s internet browser. Note that you must be signed in from your American PSN account and have already setup your PS according to the instructions described above.

To enjoy Netflix on the newer PlayStation 4, you can simply follow the same technique described above. The PS4 also has an app for viewing Netflix.

Now that you know how to connect PS3 to Netflix, here are some essential guidelines to follow:

  • Restart your PlayStation 3 before you begin to use the service.
  • If you have issues logging into the Netflix application, while the application is loading, hold down start and select to reset the application. You will get a prompt to log in again, do this.
  • Remember that the Netflix application must be closed to switch between Netflix regions, or it will stop working. Once you have changed the region, you can restart the application. To close the application, press the PlayStation 3 button on your controller and choose quite.
  • To install the Netflix application, log in to the PlayStation Network using a Canadian or US account, install the latest PlayStation 3 firmware updates and configure your device using the method described above.
  • The PlayStation 3 browser is a bit unstable, which is why the client area of Unblock-US’s website doesn’t work on it. To access your Unblock-US account, you will need to open their website on a computer or any other smart device.