How to get Netflix in Australia on Apple TV?

Apple TV is fast becoming an extremely popular device for viewing Netflix America content. This device can be used with smart DNS technology to unblock the US version of Netflix and directly stream it to your HDTV device. It goes without saying that the US version of Netflix has got the most diverse and high quality collection of US TV shows, movies, sitcoms and so on.

Apple TV 2 Netflix
Get American Netflix
But, as some of the readers might be aware, the content offered by Netflix US is restricted or geo-locked, and so cannot be watched by those Netflix customers who are outside the United States. Therefore, to get past this restriction i.e. geo-block enforced by Netflix, you’ll need to configure your Apple TV to work with a VPN or a smart DNS service. The collective term for these services is ‘proxy service’, since they give you a ‘proxy’ address in another country (in our case, the US). They do so by masking the IP address of your device (in our case, the Apple TV), so that Netflix thinks you are in the US!

Apple TV and Netflix – A match made in heaven

To answer the question of how to watch Netflix on Apple TV – you’ve got two options – a VPN or a DNS altering service:

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) for unblocking US Netflix on Apple TV: This is the old and slow method to get the job done. A vpn apple tv will reroute your internet traffic to a remote server (i.e. in another country), so you can get passed location based restrictions and enjoy unblocked US Netflix content. Apple TV vpns were quite popular back in the day, but are now regarded as outdated and slow when it comes to streaming HD content over the internet. VPNs have shabby streaming capabilities that ultimately lead to a poor experience when you’re trying to enjoy some Apple TV and Netflix time.
  2. Unblock-US DNS service for unblocking American Netflix on Apple TV: This is the fast and reliable method for getting past Netflix’s geo-lock. With this technology working on your Apple TV setup, only the data and information used to determine your geographical position is altered to make it appear that you are in another country. This enables you, the viewer, to get past Netflix’s geo-lock and enjoy uninterrupted access to the high quality catalogue that Netflix has to offer. The speed and quality of your streaming is unaffected since your device is still connecting directly through your ISP – only the location identifying data has been altered.

Using Unblock US to watch Apple TV Netflix Australia:

Netflix ProgrammesBefore you begin

Before you alter your DNS settings to utilize Express VPN, make sure that you note down the current server addresses as backup. It is essential to maintain a backup of these numbers so you can revert to them if so required.

It is recommended that you have a printed copy of the instructions below, in case you encounter an issue mid-setup and are unable to access this page online.


Apple TV 2 & 3

  1. On Apple TV, navigate to Settings -> General -> Network.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi for wireless network, or select Ethernet if you are using a wired link. For Wi-Fi networks, you may also be asked to enter the Wi-Fi password (if it’s the first time you’ve connected to the network from your Apple device).
  3. Navigate to Configure DNS and choose Manual mode.
  4. Enter the numbers as follows and click on ‘Done’:


  1. On the ‘Network’ screen, double check that the numbers you have entered are the correct ones (note that leading zeros will be dropped).
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> iTunes Store -> Location.
  3. Choose ‘United States’.
  4. Go back to the main menu.
  5. Put your Apple TV on sleep using the ‘Sleep Now’ option in Settings.
  6. Disconnect your Apple TV’s power cord.
  7. Wait for 10 seconds to pass.
  8. Plug the power back into the Apple TV.

Setup Smart DNS on Apple TV 4

  1. From the main menu of the Apple TV, select ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘Network’.
  3. Your current network configuration will be displayed on the network menu. Select the configuration present under ‘Connection’.
  4. Select Configure DNS and then choose ‘Manual’.
  5. Enter the DNS numbers mentioned above.
  6. Click on ‘Done’ one you have entered them.
  7. Lastly, restart your Apple TV device.

Remember to restart the device after having set up the DNS.

If the device has an integrated browser, use it to check the status of your Express VPN DNS proxy.