How to Get Netflix on Wii

With the launch of Netflix in Australia, many Australians who had been accessing the service through VPNs and DNS services breathed a sigh of relief – now they would finally be able to do away with the geo-restriction roundabouts they were using and be able to access the service without treading a legal grey area. Sadly, Netflix in Australia is a far cry from Netflix America – the US Netflix library is huge, whereas the Australian Netflix library is very limited.

In other words, it is still a much better bargain to access US Netflix from Australia than it is to subscribe to Netflix Australia. Plus, Netflix is still legally cool with you fooling its geo-restriction – after all, you’re paying for the service you get, instead of pirating / torrenting it.

How to watch Netflix on Wii

Get American Netflix
To watch Netflix on a console such as a Wii or Wii U (or a smart TV or media player), you’ll first have to circumnavigate the geo-locking through your router.

The easiest way of doing this today is Smart DNS technology that tricks Netflix into thinking that you’re sitting in the US. One of the best smart DNS providers is Unblock-US. It offers a free weeklong trial (no credit card info needed), after which it costs $4.99:

  • Start by signing up for the seven day trial from Go to their homepage, and don’t click on the sign-up button, or you won’t be able to avail the free trial.
  • Next, navigate to their How to Set Up page to find out how to configure the Wii U Netflix DNS settings. Although you can specifically customise the settings on your Wii or Wii U, we would still recommend that you set up the DNS settings on your main router if you want to be able to watch US Netflix on multiple devices.

Setting up your Wii to watch Netflix via ExpressVPN

Before you set up your Wii Netflix configuration by updating your DNS to Unblock-US values, make sure that you write down your present server settings and addresses on a piece of paper. You should keep them as a backup in case things go wrong, and you have to revert to your original settings.

We also suggest that you print out a copy of this page, in case your internet settings develop a problem that prevents you from opening this page in your browser.

Also, ensure that your Wii can open the Netflix channel. This will be possible if you can change the country on your device to ‘Canada’ or ‘United States’, but may not be allowed if you have a version of Wii, which is non-North America.

  1. Open Wii Options from the round button present on the home screen.Wii-Netflix-DNS
  2. Open Wii Settings.
  3. Scroll to the right and open up ‘The internet’.
  4. Click on ‘Connection Settings’.
  5. Open the active connection (it has red corners around it).
  6. Choose ‘Change settings’.
  7. Scroll to the right to ‘Auto-Obtain DNS’ screen (stay clear of ‘Auto-Obtain IP address’, scroll to the right once again).
  8. Choose ‘No’, and click on ‘Advanced Settings’.
  9. Enter the following values in the DNS fields provided:



  1. Click on ‘Confirm’, then ‘Save’, then ‘OK’.
  2. Wait for the test to complete and go back to the main screen.
  3. Optionally, if you do not wish to change the settings on your computer, go to ‘Internet Channel’, then check your service to link the Wii to your account.

Restart the console after having set up your DNS to enjoy Wii Netflix.

Switching from another Netflix account

If you Wii is already registered to another Netflix account (e.g. a Canadian account), and you want to swap it for a US account, follow these steps:

  1. From your Wii’s home screen, hit the round ‘Wii’ button (Options) in the lower left corner.Netflix-Wii-Channel
  2. Choose ‘Data Management’.
  3. Choose ‘Save Data’.
  4. Choose ‘Wii’.
  5. Click on ‘Netflix Channel’ (the red square with ‘N’ in it), click ‘Erase’ and then ‘Yes’.
  6. Look for more ‘Netflix Channel’ icons in the area, go to the next screen if needed as there can be multiple saved blocks.
  7. Go back to the Wii Menu and start the Netflix Channel. You should be faced with an ‘Are you a Netflix member?’ prompt, and when you choose ‘Yes’, an activation code will be displayed that you will have to use the Netflix website.

You can download Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii from the Wii Shop Channel if you’re wondering how to download Netflix on Wii.