The Best Netflix Documentaries

US Netflix is where people turn to whenever they want to watch TV shows and movies at home, while waiting in queues, or while traveling. If you prefer something more educational, you can also watch some history documentaries on Netflix. All of these are available for instant streaming. Watch them anytime, anywhere.

Netflix America allows you to watch these shows and films at your own convenient schedule. As long as you have an internet connection, you do not have to follow a certain schedule. You can enjoy comedy shows, empathize with the protagonist in dramatic movies, and learn from space documentaries. Netflix can be streamed on nearly any device, including laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, smart televisions, and gaming consoles.

Recommended Netflix documentaries you can watch in 2017:

  1. The Act of Killing

The Act of KillingIt is an Indonesian documentary film released in 2012. It centers on the people who took part in the Indonesian killings of 1965 to 1966. It won Best Documentary in the 2013 European Film Award, as well as the Asia Pacific Screen Award. It was also nominated at the 86th Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature. Despite such awards, however, the film was quite controversial.

Oppenheimer, after showing the film to members of the United States Congress, demanded that they acknowledge the role of the United States in the killings. The Indonesian government has also responded in a negative manner, saying that the film does not give an exact portrayal of what happened.

  1. Virunga

VirungaIt is a British documentary film that was released in 2014. It centers on the conservation works of rangers in Virunga National Park, which was located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the activities of Soco International, a British company.

It basically tells the story of four individuals who fought for the protection of the Virunga National Park, which was home to the last mountain gorillas in the world.

The group also fought against the exploration of oil, war, and poaching.


  1. Into the Abyss

Into the AbyssInto the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life is a documentary film that was released in 2011. It is about two men who were convicted of triple homicide and subsequently sentenced to death.

Michael Perry was on death row for murdering a nurse, although he denies it. His final interviews were recorded eight days before he was executed in July 2010.

Several other interviews from law enforcement officers and the families of the victims were also shown.


  1. America’s Secret D-Day Disaster

America’s Secret D-Day DisasterIt is a documentary film that focuses on the events that precede D-day.

It showed a South England beach being evacuated to allow the troops to take part in a landing drill.

Most of them were green and have never actually been in combat.

Unfortunately, the British and American forces didn’t coordinate well. Just as the American forces were landing, they were fired at by the British forces.

Even though it did not result in any documented death, there have been more than six hundred documented deaths that resulted from a torpedo boat attack. General Eisenhower ordered the disaster to be covered-up by not keeping a record of it.


  1. Secrets of the Third Reich

Secrets of the Third ReichIt tells about a Nazi general who plotted the assassination of Adolf Hitler, the infamous German leader of the Nazi Party.

It shows a sunken U-boat that disappears mysteriously, an Alpine Fortress that allegedly houses long-lost Nazi gold, and may other secrets of the third Reich.

Many years after the second World War was over, notorious figures and events were still being talked about.

Stories about the war were also studied to find out what happened during World War II.


  1. Grizzly Man

Grizzly ManIt is a documentary film that was released in 2005.

It centers on the life and death of Timothy Treadwell, a bear enthusiast.

It even features some of Treadwell’s grizzly bear footage, which was found after he died in 2003. Treadwell, along with his girlfriend, were killed and eaten by a grizzly bear.

His interactions with the bears as well as interviews with individuals who knew him were also shown. Some professionals who dealt with wild bears were also interviewed for the film.

  1. The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue LineIt is an American documentary film that was released in 1988. It depicts the story of a man named Randall Dale Adams, who was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit and subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

His case was reviewed. Eventually, he was set free about a year after the film was released.

The film features interviews in relation to the re-enactments and investigation of the shooting, based on Adams’ recollections and testimony.

The title of the film was derived from the prosecutor’s comment about the police being on a “thin blue line”.


  1. Man On Wire

Man On WireIt is a British-American documentary film that was released in 2008. It chronicles the high-wire walk of Philippe Petit between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in 1974.

Petit’s performance lasted for about one hour before he was arrested. The film is made like a heist film, showing rare footage and photographs from the event’s preparations.

There are also interviews and re-enactments from the participants, such as Barry Greenhouse, who was an inside man.

The film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and won the Grand Jury Prize.


  1. The Waiting Room

The Waiting RoomIt is a documentary film that was released in 2012. It depicts the life of doctors, patients, and the staff of Highland Hospital in California.

It features conversations and stories from the waiting room of the hospital.

It also includes behind-the-scenes footage, as well as video updates examining what it is like to work in a public hospital in the United States where most of the patients do not have insurance.

The Waiting Room was included in the 10 Best of the Year lists of both The San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post.


  1. Chariots of the Gods

Chariots of the GodsIt is a German documentary film that was released in 1970, and is based on the book Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken. It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature in the Academy Awards.

It was also edited and translated to English for In Search of Ancient Astronauts, an American television documentary shown in 1973.