The Top 10 Netflix Movie List

If you like movies, what better way to enjoy them than in the comfort of your own home? You can watch your favorite films by browsing Netflix America. Don’t worry because the Netflix movie list consists of numerous movies of different genres. There’s comedy, sci-fi, horror, drama, and romance. If you live in Australia, and you wish to access Netflix US content, you may try to use a virtual private network (VPN). Sadly, Netflix Australia’s movie selection is not as vast as that of the United States.

Nevertheless, Netflix is compatible with nearly every electronic device, from laptop computers to tablets to smartphones. You can relax at home while eating popcorn and watching the best films of then and now. You can also keep yourself entertained while waiting in a queue or travelling. Anyway, here are some of the most in-demand movies for Netflix today:

Ultimate list of movies on Netflix Australia

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It is The Hunger Games trilogy’s second installment and one of the most popular movies today. A dystopian sci-fi adventure movie based on the novel Catching Fire, it was received with critical acclaim during its release.

Its plot takes place several months after The Hunger Games, in which Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have won the 74th Annual Hunger Games. In the film, Katniss finds out about the rebellion being planned by the districts against the Capitol.

Son of GodSon of God

It is an epic biblical drama film that was released in February 2014.

It centers on the life of Jesus Christ and is actually an adaptation of The Bible, a ten-hour miniseries on the History channel.

The film has brought over a million dollars in box office revenue during its first night. During its first weekend, it made over twenty-six million dollars.

Stand By MeStand By Me

It is a coming of age film that combines drama and adventure.

It was based on The Body, a novel by Stephen King, and was derived by the song of the same name by Ben King. The film centers on four boys who were hiking on the countryside when they found a dead body.

Stand By Me is one of the most popular comings of age movies of all time. It was a box office success and received some positive reviews from critics.


It is a crime drama film that explores political corruption, female disempowerment, child endangerment, violence, and the mistreatment of mental health patients. It was partly based on real-life events, such as the Wineville Chicken Coop case.

In the film, Christine Collins, a single mother, loses her son and eventually reunites with a boy whom she recognized not to be her son. Because of this, she was deemed to be an unfit mother and delusional.


The Wolf of Wall StreetThe Wolf of Wall Street

It is a mix of biography and comedy that Martin Scorsese directed. It was adapted from Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same name wherein he recounted his life as a New York City stockbroker and how Stratton Oakmont, his firm gave in to corruption and eventually failed.

The film became a major commercial success, even grossing over $392 million. It also became controversial due to its explicit sexual content, depiction of events, profanity, use of animals, and depiction of drug abuse.

Nevertheless, it received positive reviews and was even nominated for awards, such as Best Director, Best Picture, Best Writing, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Actor in the 86th Academy Awards.

What Happened, Miss SimoneWhat Happened, Miss Simone?

It is a biographical documentary that focuses on Nina Simone, a singer, pianist, songwriter, civil rights activist, and arranger who worked with different musical styles such as classical, pop, gospel, R&B, blues, jazz, and folk.

It combines archival footage, as well as interviews with Simone’s friends and family. The film was included in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Its title was taken from a quote uttered by Maya Angelou.


Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

It combines action with spy and thriller genres.

It centers on Jack Ryan, a fictional character created by Tom Clancy who died in October 2013. The film is dedicated to Clancy. It is actually the fifth installment in the Jack Ryan series, although it was shown as a reboot that is separate from its predecessors.

It was a box office success, grossing more than $130 million, and received mixed reviews from the critics.

A Single ManA Single Man

It is a drama film that was based on Christopher Isherwood’s novel of the same name. The entire film takes place on just one day, November 30, 1962. That was one month after the Cuban missile crisis.

The story revolves around George Falconer, a middle-aged college professor in Los Angeles who dreams about encountering his longtime partner’s body at the car accident scene that took his life. Upon waking up, George starts a voiceover telling about his depression and pain since his partner’s death.

He also declared that he planned on committing suicide. The film was shown at the 66th Venice International Film Festival as well as the 34th Toronto International Film Festival.



It is a musical comedy-drama film that was a modern take on the 1977 Broadway musical of the same name.

It is also the third movie adaptation of Little Orphan Annie, a comic strip created by Harold Gray that follows the adventures of Annie; Sandy, her dog; and Oliver Warbucks, her benefactor.

On its opening night, it grossed more than $133 million, making it a huge box office success. Annie was also nominated twice for the Golden Globe Awards. However, it won a Golden Raspberry Award.


It is a biblical epic film that was inspired by the Book of Genesis’ Noah’s Ark, which tells of a great flood that covered the Earth. If you are familiar with the story, you may enjoy the film. If not, you will surely have something new to learn.

Noah received positive reviews and was a box-office success, grossing over $362 million. However, it also gained controversy due to certain scenes that display texts from Genesis.

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